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    Various options in mortgages:

  • Fixed-rate mortgages - The interest rate remains constant throughout the term of your loan, payments will always be the same. You lock into a specific interest rate, which will not change until the term is up. The amount you pay towards interest will be large at first, but will gradually decrease as you make payments. This option is generally favorable if the current rates are low.

  • Adjustable-rate mortgages - The interest rate will fluctuate depending upon the index it is associated with, which means the interest portion paid on your monthly payments will change as market fluctuates..

  • Government-insured loans - These loans are insured by the government, and typically include FHA loans and VA loans. Advantages include low down payment and other favorable terms.

  • Conventional loans - These mortgages are not guaranteed by the federal government, but commonly available in the industry  as lower interest rate than government guaranteed loans.

  • SBA loans- Allow for projection-based underwriting, borrowers can obtain capital based on profitability estimates. Lower down payment and more generous term length than bank direct loans.

  • Business loans- Working capital loans, usually short term term or flexible lines of credit.  Available unsecured or secured loans, also merchant cash flow or invoice financing. 

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